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Create a new mail stationary in Apple Mail

vendredi 19 décembre 2014

Steps to create a new stationery with custom HTML and images in Apple Mail (tested on Mavericks)

  1. Create new message in Mail (File > New message)
  2. Add images you need in message
  3. Save as stationery (File > Save as stationery)
  4. With the finder, browse :
    ~/Library/Containers/ Support/Mail/Stationery/Apple/Contents/Resources/Custom/Contents/
  5. Locate your stationery package (file.mailstationery)
  6. Right-click on it, show package content
  7. Browse the .mailstationery to Contents/Resources/
  8. Edit content.html

Apple mail HTML attributes :


Tag content can be edited


main content tag, where the signature will be added by Mail

Hints :

  • To avoid phone numbers or dates in blue, you can style them with css : <span style= »color:#000; »>from December 20th till January 4th 2014</span>
  • You can also add html tags in the numbers/dates (000-<span>555</span>-12345), but they won’t be clickable anymore.